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Links for math-related activities

  • Relay Race- How quickly can you put these (fractions, decimals, etc) in order one at a time?
  • "Right Brain" Pictures- to help remember math concepts
  • Skip Count around the room- the room is transformed into a life-size number line! Start on a number and skip count by... 3. Make sure you don't touch any of the other numbers! JUMP!!
  • Ten-Frame "War"- Using Ten Frame dots cards, we play a fast-paced game that has the student constantly evaluating greater than and less than at a glance to develop number sense. For more advanced students, I ask them to quickly add the numbers in their head!
"Right-Brain" Mean, Median, Mode, and RangeAdding Fractions with Unlike DenominatorsComparing and Rounding Decimals Games

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