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Tutoring Forms for Private Tutors: Great way to begin your own private tutoring business! Includes forms to keep track of earnings, information sheets for parents, and other important forms you would need.
Tutoring Forms Packet for Private Tutors 

Student Organization Packet: Help your students learn to become responsible for their homework, big projects, planning, and overall goals using this packet. 
Student Organization Packet

"Right Brain" Mean, Median, Mode and Range. Use these colorful pictures to help kids remember what each term means. This product is a powerpoint file that also has specific examples and explanations of how to solve problems. 
"Right-Brain" Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

Adding Fractions with UNLIKE denominators. This is a one-page freebie helps kids learn how to add fractions with unlike denominators. Students use the colors to keep fractions aligned and guide them to understanding the process. 
Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators

Brainy Baseball. Brainy Baseball is a game for two students and can be modified for any subject. For each question that students answer, they "go to bat" for one inning using the spinner included. Students keep score to see who wins at the end of nine innings. 
Brainy Baseball: A game for all subjects

Brainy Brackets. Brainy Bracket is a two-person game that lets students practice skills from multiple subjects while enjoying a friendly yet competitive game. This game can be played by two students, a student and a teacher, or as a class competition. All instructions are included.
Brainy Bracket: A March Madness game for multiple subjects!

Comparing and Rounding Decimals (2 games in one). Two fun games for students to play to review comparing decimals or rounding decimals.  The first game is called "decimal round-up" where 2-5 students round decimals to the nearest tenth, hundredth, or thousandth. The second game is called "Comparing Decimals Speed Match." In this game, two students compete to "win" the most rounds of having the greater decimal. Also included is a table tent to remind students that "5 or more, let it soar; 4 or less, let it rest". Another helpful handout is a decimal place value chart so that students can refer to it during the decimal round-up game.
Comparing and Rounding Decimals Games

Equivalent Fractions Hands-On Activity: This product is designed to teach students how to find an equivalent fraction through using concrete, simple steps. For the fraction 1/2 = ?/6, students must first decide which number to multiply on the top and bottom (always the same number) to get the correct answer. Use this as part of math centers, during the introduction of the topic, or as a review for students. 
Equivalent Fractions Hands-On Activity

Hopping for Hoops: Decoding Activity. This game will have kids hopping while learning how to decode! It includes several different sets of cards: CVC words, digraphs/blends, CVCe (onset-rime), and multi-syllable decodable words. Lay the parts of the word on the floor leading up to the hoop (or trash basket). Once they hop to the end, they get to shoot.
Hopping for Hoops- Decoding Activity

Multiplication Cards. I didn't want to tempt the kids by using flash cards with the answer on the other side, so I made this freebie with just the front side multiplication fact.
Multiplication Cards (1-12)

Reading Multiple Choice Tips Flipbook. This flip book covers "logic" strategies for guessing on multiple choice reading questions. Some students need explicit instruction in using these "logical" strategies. Student's standardized test scores can be increased by teaching and showing examples of using each of these strategies. Great for EOG or EOC prep.

Reading Multiple Choice Test Tips for Flipbook

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