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Links for other lessons and activities that can be customized for a variety of subjects.

General/ Adaptable Games:
  • Giant Tic-Tac-Toe- 4ft by 4ft board with large X's and O's. Before laying down an X or O, you must first answer a question!
  • Board Games- (Customized based on child's interests)- Draw a problem for each turn, earn points throughout. 
  • Brainy Hoops- Earn shots on my mini basketball goal, or play a quick game of HORSE! (or another spelling word...)
  • Life Size Board Game- During this game, the entire room turns into a board game! Roll a large dice and follow the directions on the space provided. Gets students up and moving!!
  • Connect 4: You must answer one small fact for each token you use
  • BINGO: You get an answer right, I draw a bingo number! 
  • Draw as you go: Earn one step to a drawing for each problem answered
  • Puppet Show: Create puppets at home to put on a puppet show of your story! I record the story so that students can watch their "movie" when we are finished. 
  • Ipad and computer games: I sometimes use apps on my ipad to make learning even more fun! We will also use games created on PowerPoint!

Displaying photo 1.JPGBrainy Bracket: A March Madness game for multiple subjects!Brainy Baseball: A game for all subjects

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